Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring is here. . .Finally!!

Spring is here. . .Finally.  Was it just me or did it feel like Spring was never going to arrive?  It was not a particularly bad Winter but even I, who does enjoy cold weather, was done-al la-done-done with the cold.  It is time to be outside wearing shorts and sandals.

                                       Watercolor on 120lbs paper 9x12

I woke up this morning feeling inspired.  The entire house is clean, like we just moved in clean, that is how clean it is.  The art room looks amazing and was calling to me.  It is so wonderful to be surrounded by paints and pastels and racks of paper and art board and pads and all the supplies I have been gathering for the last decade.

I am very satisfied with the wet-on-wet technique used on the field.  I even held up the painting so the water and color could just flow where it wanted. It makes an interesting effect.

And let me say, it took everything I had to go all Bob Ross on this painting and add the dark tree in the foreground.  The painting needed something interesting up close, but it was very hard for me to paint over what I would normally call a finished painting. I think this means I am growing.

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